How We are Paid

Why do you charge fees when many other Financial advisors don't?

No one works for free! If an advisor is not charging fees, they must be earning their income exclusively from the sale of products.We feel that it is clearer to separate the giving of advice, from the sale of products. This results in a plan that is suited to your needs and goals , not the planner's. Then, if and when achieving your goals  requires a specific product you can feel that the recommendations are targeted exclusively at your own goals and not subject to  distortions relating to compensation for the planner.

During the initial discussions you will have a clear idea of  how much it will cost to deliver a plan.

How are you paid on an ongoing basis for advice and monitoring of plans and investments?

We charge a combination of fees and commissions based upon the sums invested, complexity and scope We may enter into a agreement on financial planning if that is what you need. We may have an investment agreement which sets our duties covering your investable assets.